Utleie av saccovogn, Kickspark og Kickbike!

Saccovogn med 1 eller 2 drag:

The Sacco Cart is designed with mushing in mind!  Its high quality design is packed with extensive features geared for both the professional musher and inexperienced sportsman alike.   It is designed for One or Two dogs.  Features include: hand operated braking system, foldable seat, standing platform, heavy duty multi-terrain suspension, hand steering and dog tow bars that encourage proper pulling from your dog/s.  It is excellent for teaching steering commands like Gee(Right Turn) and Haw(Left Turn) to the dogs because you can steer them in that direction as you command them.

It has been used widely by professional mushers to train lead dogs for years, but has also been enjoyed by recreational users with a multitude of dog breeds. The Sacco Cart weighs 63 lbs and folds down for easy transport.  It has a weight capacity of 330 lbs. and can easily accommodate a driver and a passenger.

I have modified it. I have redesigned the front end so I can accommodate 3 dogs at the same time pulling side by side!! I have also made a removable top that fits on it for rain or snow conditions to keep me dryer. I have also incorporated a misting system to mist the dogs and make them “SWEAT” for warmer weather running!! I have put many of enjoyable miles on this ADV!! Check It Out In this section under The Trailster.